CPS puts Alex and Anna Nikolayev on Probation

Last Wednesday police and Sacramento’s Child Protective Services (CPS) agents illegally stormed the home of Alex and Anna Nikolayev and stole their 5 month old baby, Sammy.  All because the previous day the parents had taken Sammy from Sutter Memorial Hospital to gain a second opinion of their child’s condition.

CPS and Sacramento police showed up and took the Sammy into protective custody claiming “severe neglect.”  Even though the day before the doctor had released Sammy into the parents care with no concerns as to his welfare or health and deemed him clinically safe to go home.  The baby has since been transferred to Stanford and is scheduled for surgery.

At the Monday hearing, the court ruled the parents must follow all medical advice from now on, including not taking their child from Stanford without proper discharge.

The most disturbing part now about this story is that after the ‘lack of communication’ between law enforcement and CPS, a county social worker will make still need to make regular house visits to check on Sammy once he is returned home.  So now they parents have been deemed ‘worthy’ they still think it necessary to baby sit them.  Why doesn’t CPS use their resources on someone who really needs them?  Sammy is in good hands, with decent, loving and watchful parents.



2 responses to “CPS puts Alex and Anna Nikolayev on Probation

  1. this is ridiculous, this baby should be at home with his mother and father. Hospitals do not always know what they are doing.. I know from first hand account that they do not, i took my now 2 year old daughter to the Buffalo Women’s and Children’s Hospital, where she received catheters, x-rays, ultra sounds, blood work, a rectal exam, for 12 hours it seemed she was tortured they never once looked in her ears at all for the entire 12 hours, they sent us home with a diagnosis of vomiting and diarrhea, the next day we took my daughter to her doctors 1/2 hour sick visit on a Saturday and she was diagnosed with a simple ear infection, Doctors do not always know what is going on.. they frequently make mistakes. so if I do not feel as if going to another hospital for a second visit is neglect if anything it is proving you are a good parent, to seek a different doctors opinion especially after an UN-needed medication was given. CPS and CA Police have gone too far, these parents do not deserve this, Sammy does not deserve to be ripped away.


  2. The nanny state at its worst! CPS is assuming medical personnel always know what they are doing–not true! And babies should never be traumatized by removal from their mothers unless they are in imminent danger of death from starvation or beating, etc. I have a friend with lifelong emotional issues, some of which can be traced to separation from her mother at age 6 months, when her mother was nearly killed in an accident. CPS has a lot to answer for.


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