People’s Express South – Break In!

In the early morning hours of August 5, 2013 the People’s Express South convenience store located at 716 South Main Street in Shawano, Wisconsin was burglarized by the emissaries of christian mayor Lorna Marquardt.  The perpetrators used a concrete shaped brick to smash the glass entry door and enter.

20130805_054547 Cigarettes and beer were the main attraction, but that of course is the main attraction in almost all gas stations.

The police were notified and as usual for anything involving SIST they took their regular time to arrive at the scene.  The two responders were Ryan Atkinson and the infamous Jeff Lenzner, Lorna’s grandson.  They had some inside information on this crime as to when it happened, as Jeff Lenzner commented that the concrete brick used to break the glass in the door, “came from across the street”.  The two loony tunes only spent about 15 minutes ‘investigating’ and reporting the crime.  Considering how quickly Atkinson and Lenzner were, they either had prior knowledge or their end of shift was a powerful motivator for such time efficiency.

People’s Express South is located on State Highway 22 as it enters into Shawano.  A restaurant is located across the street  and a vacant building, formerly the local brewery, is across the street.  The Parkside apartments are also located across the intersection.  Memorial Park is right down the block.

Atkinson said he came through the area after 2:30 am but had not seen anything.  Although he said, “I may have been distracted and did not notice or even look this way”.  But isn’t it his job, to be aware of his surroundings?

As this is a major highway, one would expect to see some police patrolling done.  When asked when the check that end of town, the reply was vague at best.  “It’s random, between 2:30 and 5:30 am.”

20130805_054614To give a bit of perspective here is what and ‘who’ is located in the nearby neighborhood.

There is a bank close by and the new Theda Care Clinic, where the new hospital will be attached.  Sheriff patrol cars also enter and exit the city on State Hwy 22, which has ramps onto State Highway 29.   Not only is this an important neighborhood because of the health and financial institutions but because the mayor, Lorna lives there and nearby is Police Chief Ed Whealon, Sheriff Randy Wright and several city council members too.   So, random patrolling might be done in other parts of the city but it is highly unlikely that Lorna, Whealon, and Randy Wright’s neighborhood is ignored.

Sadly, this was not a one time occurrence.

On October 26, 2012 this station was also broken into, in the same way.  Landscaping rocks were thrown through the glass entry door and the majority of items stolen were beer and cigarettes.  However, because of past experience  with the Shawano police department, City of Shawano Officials and their treatment of SIST and it’s founder, a businessman from India, we are leery to believe that this was just another innocent incident.  For SIST, it’s founder and associates, prejudice and discrimination targeted at them is a regular occurrence.


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