500 Years of Resistance – Daniel Osuna, Chicano Activist

Quoted from Unspeakable Horror’s upload of the same video:

One of the only people we have ever witnessed to openly discuss the Christian involvement in the theft of the Southern and Central American continent and the genocide, enslavement, and mass rape of its indigenous inhabitants. Daniel Osuna explains the religious motives of the White European Christian conquest of the West. (Unfortunately he does not go into detail regarding the British Protestant Christian takeover of the Northern American half which are today the U.S.A and Canada. His focus was primarily on the Catholic Spanish conquest of Southern and Central America.) A 500 year long genocidal holy war crusade against what the Bible refers to as infidel non-believers and heathens, which continues to this very day.

This is the true history of Christian expansion told from the point of view of its most victimized ethnic group. Who today are labeled as illegal aliens in the land their ancestors roamed freely in good health and prosperity spanning 40,000 years.

Today they are reduced to the level of servants, used only for manual labor as were their ancestors who were taken into slavery, forced to build the homes and missions of their murdering captors. Today they build the homes and toil in the fields for the descendants of the same people who attempted to wipe their ancestors off the planet.

Christianity didn’t spread anywhere on Earth through peace and love, despite the tireless efforts of its most famous apologists in their attempts to fool people into believing. Christianity spread through violence and hatred. Genocide and slavery. Colonialism and White European supremacy. Christianity spread by the sword, the gun, the smallpox blanket, and the slave trade. There is no incident in history that compares to the psychopathic killing spree/religious holy war waged by Christians against the Indigenous Americans and enslaved Africans whom they deemed as inferior races unworthy of their own land and not entitled to life.

Christians wiped out and enslaved entire races of people, stole entire continents, raped entire generations of non-European women to ensure that their descendants will forever carry on European blood and never again can their race recover from the atrocities that befell them. Their religion and holy book the Bible was used to justify the crimes of their ancestors and is today used to justify what they are currently doing to non-believers. The Bible supports every form of murder, rape, torture, thievery, pedophilia, forced conversion, and every other atrocity they have committed upon non-believers.

Christianity is a religion of white Western European supremacy, and the non-Europeans following this cult only do so because their ancestors were brutally forced into it centuries ago and refuse to accept these undeniable historical facts.Daniel Osuna is one of the only individuals we can find who will address this issue the way it needs to be addressed. There are very few if any videos or websites detailing the Christian involvement in the genocide and enslavement of both Indigenous Americans as well as Africans. And the sole reason for this is because the descendents of these victims are today Christians themselves. From a people taught that they were not fit to survive and are today told get over it, it happened 500 years ago, at the end he states “I’m not upset about what happened 500 years ago, I’m upset of the injustice that still prevails today. That is a direct link, that of Columbus. There is a direct link from Columbus to Bush. There is a direct link from Cortez to Ronald Reagan. There is a direct line from that inhumanity to the inhumanity that still exists today.”

Of course we can still expect the “No true Christian” fallacy to rear its ugly head, but we know that true Christians have done these things, are doing these things now, and will do these things in the future if no attempts are made to stop or expose them.


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