9/11: Remembering the Fallen

Today marks the 12th anniversary of a day of tragedy in our nation’s history.  Now I could go on and on, spewing patriotic nonsense but I prefer to be straight forward…

Today’s anniversary marks a day of infamy.  Not a day of infamy because of the ‘terrorists’ but because it was the day that marked the general populations acknowledgement of ‘government sponsored terrorism’.  Let’s face it folks.  Too many things just don’t add up.  How the buildings fell.  How unrelated buildings fell.  How such an advanced warning system failed to produce the defense the American people needed to rely on.  Better yet, the orders and cover up, the calls to stand down.  The people that heard explosions.  The radio calls about bombs.  It is endless.

Bush reading on 9/11

How did our country get to this point?  How is it that we, the people, are not demanding answers?  Why is the government avoiding our questions?

Some will say, oh, you conspiracy theorist you.  Quit spreading that anti-American rhetoric!

Conspiracy theorist, maybe.  But what do you do when theory becomes reality?  Do you ignore it and put your head in the sand.  Ignorance is bliss or so they say.  In this case I believe hard facts and blunt truths to be safer, more effective.  There is site after site, book after book of facts, statistics, interviews and findings derailing the ‘official’ story of what happened on 9/11.  And not all of these testimonies are by uneducated, unqualified organizations or individuals.  Most are by qualified, educated organizations and people who specialize in the fields they are testifying about.  It does not take a genius to make sense of the information presented though.  Most of it is blatantly obvious it is up to you to absorb it.

The sad part is these people were pawns in a game they did not know they were playing.  Too bad the US government thinks its people are expendable.  Don’t remain ignorant.  Search out the truth.  What you find could change your life.


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