Comments in Lorna’s Weekly Column Show Signs of a Guilty Conscience

“I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful one-hundred percent!” – Dr. Suess  

Lorna starts us off by quoting a comment she saw on Facebook, comparing this vibrant economic hub (insert sarcasm) we call Shawano to Green Bay.  That’s like comparing Green Bay to New York City.  In particular the comment is pointing out all of the ‘activity’ happening in Shawano and the ‘existing businesses’ they saw here.  I would hope that when driving through most towns you would notice the ‘existing businesses’.  Shawano does have a habit of driving businesses out though, especially when owned or operated by SIST, a corporation founded by a businessman from India.

Lorna starts her business rundown with the new Family Dollar location.  SIST at one point owned and leased out the property for the current Family Dollar location but Lorna never went out of her way to promote business for them there.  Yet now she mentions the new location.  Of course it is worth a celebration since it no longer involves SIST.  Maybe Lorna can go down to El Tequilas, have a few Tequila shots and see if she remembers anything in the morning.  After all she has a fondness for drinking.  I’ll bet the senoritas could out drink the heifer any day.

“You poor pale thing, you poor pale thing” – Malcolm X

Moving right along…

Lorna is now extolling the sweetness of the newest candy shop and there extensive selection of candy.  Well, great!  Is this any more impressive than Wal-Mart’s candy aisle?  Then Lorna makes this comment, “If you haven’t tried their fudge, you don’t know what you are missing!”  Not to sound disappointed but what about the World Famous Midwest Gift and Fudge House?  Another SIST affiliated business that has been around for what? 10 years or more?  People have said that the fudge there is better than Mackinac Island and orders come in from all over the country.  Not to mention the high class gift collection available.

Of course Lorna would actual have to SHOW UP and support an SIST business to know their fudge is some of the best in the country.

Don’t let it be said that Lorna would EVER acknowledge the INTERNATIONAL attention that SIST has brought to Shawano!

Lorna then mentions another business Anew Tea Emporium and Antiques.  Lorna points out that, “They also sell antiques on consignment.”  Needless to say, right down the street, literally, is another SIST affiliated business, Spirit of the Northwoods.  Consignment is one of their biggest selections along with any number of gifts and/or Northwoods themed house wares, furniture, etc. that would make for excellent Christmas gifts.

SIST is a very popular topic as you have noticed.

Next, Lorna must not be able to pronounce KIRYAT HOTEL correctly, which was formerly Best Western.  She must have selective amnesia.  It’s like she wants SIST businesses and affiliates scrubbed right off the map.

Since Lorna is fond of quoting the dirty christian book of lies, here is a passage which I find appropriate.  “My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.”  Yup, that describes Shawano perfectly!  Quaint lake town full of vipers.

Tony Zielinski would know.  Tony and his team are now managing what was previously known as the Kiryat.  Tony and SIST are well acquainted. SIST had purchased the land that Retail Lumber is now on from Tony.  Tony made a deal with SIST, acting all secretive, claiming he didn’t want Lorna to know about the transaction, so he didn’t record it and make official.  Conveniently, Tony then drained some $150,000 out of SIST and sold the land out from under them to Retail Lumber.

But back to the Kiryat…

Any business owner who had to put up with the constant aggravation and belligerence of local law enforcement would not have survived either.  There was always, this inspection, that inspection, be it health, fire, liquor, a non-stop nuisance.  Of course they always claimed these were routine.  In reality they were constantly trying to find a reason to make business difficult for SIST.  If they could be the cause of undue financial burden they gave themselves a gold star.

Before SIST owned the Kiryat Hotel it was a grimy, dingy place.  The restaurant was disgusting.  It appeared that health regulations didn’t need to be met.  However, the instant SIST took over inspectors crawled out of the woodwork.  Management was given a 6 page long list of things that needed to be done in the restaurant or it would be shut down.  This is just one of the few examples of their outrageous actions.

Now Lorna is slobbering over the ‘Caribbean blue epoxy’ of the “new and improved” pool.  Yes, amazing, a blue pool, what an original idea.  Now that SIST is not involved they can have private parties again.  This time Lorna can lounge in the ‘Caribbean blue’ pool, while the stripper cabana boys bring them inspection free liquor.  Ahhh, no taxes, no inspections, no regulations; this truly is a resort.  Of course the swinger, I mean stripper parties, won’t need to be inspected because Lorna and her entourage with be in attendance and can inspect all they want!  With all the good upstanding church members slobbering over the lack of attire there will be no one left to stand outside protesting the sinfulness of it.  Going to hell in a basket and all…

Lorna, Lorna… surely by now you realize you have really set yourself with this article.  Don’t worry folks we’re wrapping it up.

Finally Lorna talks about the Wisconsin State 600# Club women’s bowling tournament.  She had the pleasure of attending the opening ceremony.  Well, isn’t that interesting.  I recall SIST inviting Lorna to several opening ceremonies that she conveniently forgot to show up for.

The 100% Black Angus Steak House at the Kiryat Hotel invited her for a steak dinner at their opening.

Then what was the USA International Raceway invited her to the ribbon cutting ceremony of their new go-kart racetrack.  One that I might add made headlines INTERNATIONALLY.

However, her Alzheimer’s must be kicking in again.  These were two up and coming businesses at the time with excellent prospects and both were snubbed by Lorna.  What a good example as mayor.  She did not even have the courtesy to let these businesses know she could not (or would not) come.  After all, the restaurant wasn’t serving chicken and nobody expected her to fit into a go-kart.  It was understood she needed to maintain her ‘image’.

Now we are at the end.  It is amazing how SIST can provide matching examples to everything she mentioned.  Too bad SIST isn’t allowed the ‘happy ending’ that these businesses are.

Here is an alternative to “This week’s question” as offered by Lorna in her weekly column.

What business was ransacked and destroyed by Lorna and her henchmen in 2008?

Lorna Marquardt is the catho-lutheran mayor of Shawano.

Click here to read the original article by Lorna.


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