Three Guys Create a Functional Like Website

If the government is looking for a competent version of their own disastrous health care website they should head to California or visit   The three guys, George Kalogeropoulos, Ning Liang and Michael Wasser created a simplistic approach to what has become a complicated situation.   I myself visited the website and after going through about 5 pages of ‘getting started’ only to discover I needed to ‘log in’ to continue, and said “screw this”.

At the rate this is going, the government could have just created an ‘insurance tax’ and been done with it.  Considering how easily the rest of the world seems to have handled their own national health care issues, the US is really making a doogie of it.  Of course, then you have the big mouths yelling socialism, etc.  I don’t see how having a health care solution for everyone is a socialist agenda instead of just a common sense idea to benefit the general human population.  Obamacare isn’t really turning out to be user-friendly though and I am beginning to wonder if it wasn’t created as a distraction to the real troubles the US is facing, e.g. financial disaster!


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