Exclusive: Power Grid Drill A Cause for ALARM?

The following article was taken from http://thepatriotnation.net/2013/11/08/exclusive-power-grid-drill-alarm/

No copyright infringement is intended, this is just the most concise and explanatory article I found on this disturbing subject and felt it necessary to share.

Chris “9Lives” Shumate, the Patriot Nation exclusive
11/8/2013, 4:50 pm CST

“American grid cyber attack drill” is confirmed, “simulated drill” will take place on November 13th, 2013

GridEx IILet me be very clear as I start off this shocking and rather disturbing article, the November 13th “Downed American power grid drill” is 100% confirmed. The drill is currently in its final planning stages and has been confirmed by the official in charge of the drill, Brian M. Harrell of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, known as NERC.

However, my extensive phone conversation with Mr. Harrell proved rather worthless in unveiling the intentions of this “simulated drill.” Without an answer, this leaves the question:

What does a “simulated drill” mean for millions of citizens in Mexico, Canada AND the United States?

When I first talked to the receptionist at NERC, she said hundreds of people have called with concerns about the grid drill, asking questions on what it means, will they lose power and other very common and important concerns. As she started reading me an obvious press release informative sheet, I asked her to spare the time and transfer me to whomever was in charge of the drill itself. I want answers, I want confirmation and a prepared sheet of “FAQs” was not going to cut it.

As my readers have came to me over the last month, I have written down all of their personal concerns and questions over this drill. Some of the questions I was able to answer. However, most of them I had no answer to, and I was also curious to find out what was going to happen during this drill, which the public never had been exposed to via mainstream. The first 15 minutes of our phone call consisted of questions, fast answers and easy explanations to satisfy my curiosity.

I told him my readers were mostly concerned with the fear of losing their power. I mean, this drill is taking place in a very cold time of year for much of the central united states. He continued to assure me that “there is going to be absolutely NO customers without power” during this verified “simulated drill.”

Personally, something about the word “simulated” makes me think of a realistic situation that someone can train in, learn from and respond to. Especially when we are talking about the ENTIRE power grid, I don’t feel that when he told me that “this [the drill] is all table top” and it will consist of “coordinated cyber and physical security attacks” to the grid.
This is literally as detailed as he would get, saying “I won’t go into details about the scenario yet….you will have to wait until [the 13th] to find out.”

THAT was the first red flag to me. I mean, who feels that keeping operations to sustain the workhorse, the power of our entire country, should be kept secret? Not to mention the NERC is only a private company, not a federal department.

What educated me about the drill was the NERC powerpoint layout that the New York Times had published early October. Looking at the link of that powerpoint as I was on the phone with Mr. Harrell, I noticed that the link was broken, taken down and no longer available to the public.

I asked him why half of my readers have never heard of this drill. I mean, if his organization has the job of securing the entire United States power grid, why not let the people know about any “simulated drill?”

His response was brisk and sharp. “We haven’t given this drill significant public visibility” in order to lessen the chance of widespread misunderstanding and panic over this “simulated drill.” SO I understand that if this doesn’t become common knowledge, no one will question what a “simulated drill” is and the general population will remain uneducated on this matter.
I may be way off, but it sure sounds like a secretive operation.

Then, I got him running around a major lie. This is what I really wished wouldn’t have happened, but it had. As we all know, the grid is outdated. The grid is the literal glass jaw of this country. He calls our weakest infrastructure “extremely resilient.” He voiced no concerns about security threats to the grid and the “simulated drill” is simply to ensure security and communication during an attack. Still, information being kept out of sight and out of mind to the general public.

At this point, I am furious to learn that plans, which could potentially cause unbelievable mass chaos here at home, are being crafted behind each and every one of our backs. And if you expect the truth from people who have extreme power and a massive position, much like Brian has, you need to look into each and every “fact” you are told from anyone who has things to lose by exposing the truth.

I asked him if something went wrong during the drill, from one of the 2,000 individuals, or as he called them, “players,” would he know what the consequence could be? He told me immediately “I will be the first to say the U.S. without power would go downhill rapidly.”

I circled back to what the drill would actually consist of with his answer “we are trying to push the envelope” and go beyond what a hurricane would do to X, Y and Z. In my opinion, the only way to “push the envelope” would be a real-life drill. Again, that last line was pure opinion. But I cannot imagine a way to do a “simulated drill” without simulating the situation you are preparing for.

I then ended our talks, very frustrated that he has ran me in circles for what had ended up being a 45 minute phone call. I asked if our grid got hit tomorrow, could his organization personnel fix and restore power to those impacted. His response, unsure compared to the beginning of the call, “we [are going to do] our best” when that situation, “whenever it happens,” “[I] believe the answer is yes.”

Finally fed up with the lies and the runaround, I asked finally if an anti-American group had attacked our power grid tomorrow, could your organization effectively repair our grid? Short, sweet and to the point.

This answer is going to be what shocks you, the reader, the most.

“You have come up with a scenario that is impossible to predict.”


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