Dead or Alive: You MUST Pass!

I think there is a problem with the intelligence in Florida.  What’s in the water there?   It’s NOT the sick and dying with the problem though.  Quite the opposite, its the supposedly healthy ‘educators’ ? that seem to be sick.

Reading this in an article today, “Florida says mom must prove her dying son can’t take standardized test“, I am still trying to comprehend what these people’s reasoning is.

The boy involved has numerous problems, including severe brain damage, cerebral palsy, and he’s blind.  The mother attempted to explain to the school board that he really could not participate but they apparently don’t understand the seriousness of life and death situations.  She finally had to involve the media to try and spread the word about her son’s situation.

“Apparently, my communication through [the teacher] that he was in hospice wasn’t enough [for the school district]: they required a letter from the hospice company to say that he was dying,” the letter reads. “Every day that she comes to visit, she is required to do paperwork to document his ‘progress.’ Seriously? Why is Ethan Rediske not meeting his 6th-grade hospital homebound curriculum requirements? BECAUSE HE IS IN A MORPHINE COMA. We expect him to go any day. He is tenaciously clinging to life.

“This madness has got to stop. Please help us.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Mom has tangled with the Florida educational system.

Last year, the state made Ethan take the test over the course of a two-week period, despite his family’s claim that simply getting the young boy to answer “yes” or “no” was a significant accomplishment. During the examination, he was asked about eating a peach – something he cannot physically do since he receives all his food through a tube.

“He doesn’t know what a peach tastes like,” she told the Sentinel last year. “He will never know what a peach tastes like. Or an apple. Or bananas. It’s completely irrelevant to his life.”

Not only has Ethan been affected by the apparently, rampant idiocy, of the Florida educational system but another child, a 9 year old boy named Michael was also forced to take the same standardized test last year.    Michael has even more significant disabilities.  He was born with only a brain stem and not a brain.

Orange County School Board member Rick Roach, who watched the examination, couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“He’s blind. And they’re showing him pictures of a giraffe, a monkey and an elephant — and asking him which one is the monkey,” Roach said to the newspaper. “I’m watching all this and just about to lose my mind.”

I’m sorry folks, but really, what kind of idiots can stand there and put these obviously handicapped children ‘to the test’ LITERALLY!  Just a most moronic situation.  One of those times where you expect Hitler to pop out and the educational gestapo to click their heels and shout ‘HEIL HITLER’.  What are you?  Just following ‘orders’?  Do you have no comprehensible thought processes in that brain of yours?  These are the kind of stories we are seeing more and more in this country and the level of stupidity is reaching frightening levels.  When people become this ignorant and do things with such a robotic response, that is when we know good things are not in our future.  We need to correct this, and NOW.  This should not be happening.


2 responses to “Dead or Alive: You MUST Pass!

  1. Exactly! It’s extremely frustrating and disappointing. Also very sad to see the fast decline of American standards. On the verge of wondering if we ever really had them.


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