I hope Mr. Saad Najam does not mind that I am reblogging this. Everything he says has unfortunately come true here in the USA. I hope this will help people reflect and understand the perspective from the other side. Let’s not just hate.

Gareth Bryant...

Saad Najam
I remember in middle school, my nickname became Saadam Hussein.
I used to wrap a towel around my head so they’d all laugh.
Their laughter used to ease the insults and pain
But i realize I wasn’t their friend, I was just their joke.
It was an early morning on tuesday.
I was a young 8 year old boy in the 3rd grade.
We look out the window and see what makes us all gasp
The plane strikes the towers and just like that they collapse.
But those 19 aren’t the only blamed for this evil
Because my teacher points at me and says it was done by “his people.”
My people?
Cuz they grew up basketball
Cuz their favorite food is pizza
Cuz they speak english
Cuz they were raised in brooklyn
Oh yeah I forgot. They’re my people because i’m muslim.
The next years became a little brown…

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