DHS Agent Reveals U.S. to Collapse: Within 6 Weeks

Now I am not sure what to think about the following article.  Either way though, it is best to be prepared.  Something has to give sooner or later and we are more likely at this point to crash then not.  So here goes…

DHS Agent Reveals U.S. to Collapse: Within 6 Weeks

by reasonvoice

February 19, 2014 — (TRN) — An Agent from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, revealed to a local 21 year old that the United States will collapse into Martial Law within six (6) weeks. Banks will be closed, credit / debit  cards will  not work. Those without food or cash will starve to death or be killed when they try taking food from those who have it.

E-mail received from local Turner Radio Network contributor:

Just a few hours ago I decided to go the the grocery store with my buddy and stock up on food, since I am a prepper. Anyway, I had my basket full of food and went to the checkout counter. This was around 9 pm. As I was in line, I was talking to my buddy about prepping and stocking up on food in case if the SHTF. I also brought out how the economy might collapse at any time. My buddy is new to the prepping game, which is why I decided to bring him along. After the cashier rang me up we walked to my car. As I was packing everything im my car, this middle aged guy walked up to us and said:

Him: You guys are doing the right thing by being prepared. The majority of the people in this country have no clue on what is happening.

ME: I thought to myself, wow, how cool it is to meet with another prepper. I told him Thanks, are you a prepper too?

Him: Yes and no.

ME: I said, “what do you mean”

Him: I shouldn’t be telling you guys this but since you guys are very young (I am 21), and I do feel bad about about your generation, I am going to let you guys on a little hint. I do know for a fact, as a matter of fact, 100% sure that the economy is going to collapse and martial law will be declared by late February or early March. I’m not sure on a specific date, but it will happen for sure.

ME: I said, what makes you say that?

Him: Because I work for the DHS and have inside information on what is going to happen to the economy. (He also said how he has ties with people who work for JP Morgan).

ME: I said, Yeah right, sure thing buddy. If I got a penny for every doomsday prediction Ive heard, I would have been retired by now. (Im was referring to the doomsday prediction on this site, lol).

Without even saying another word, he showed us his DHS ID card, but he did cover up his name. He showed it to us for a couple of seconds and put it back in his wallet.

Him: Now listen carefully, stock up, and I mean stock up very good on food, guns and ammo. Because once it happens, you wont be able to buy it. Martial law will be declared, banks will have no cash, and stores will be out of food. If possible, move far away from the cities, because it is going to be like hell. And lastly, get your money out of the banks, because alot of banks are going to fail.

I said too much already, I have to go now, may God be with you and forgive us to doing this to your generation

And without saying another word, he left.


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