The Jesuits and Their Role in History

By James Arrabito, this 97 minute documentary is on the fascinating and frightening history of the Jesuit Order.  Launched by Ignatius Loyola in the 16th century to wage war against the Reformation, the Society of Jesus rapidly spread to every corner of the globe.  The Jesuits insinuated themselves into the affairs of governments and churches, eventually earning expulsion from almost every nation in this world, including the Vatican itself!  Returning with a vengeance they are once again powerful players in a game to control the masses.  This video will help you understand their methods and how it is possible for a ‘religious’ order to maintain such power even today and why a religious organization holding so much power is a deadly thing.

*James Arrabito and his two sons died in 1990.  Cause, a mysterious plane crash on a return photography trip in Alaska.  Mr. Arrabito is one of many who has exposed the Jesuits and, or, Vatican, only to pay with their lives.  One may say this was just an innocent accident and that may be but one too many ‘accidents’ have happened to people exposing this sort of information for it only to be perchance.


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