The Jesuit Order

The following link is a pdf containing a good amount of well sourced information about the Jesuit Order.

The Jesuit Order – TACKLING the TOUGH TOPICS

Here is the introduction, to read more click the link above.


             The Jesuit Order – a.k.a. the Society of Jesus, the Order of Jesus, the Sons of Loyola, and “the Company” (it was once called “the Company of Jesus”) – was founded in 1534 by Ignatius Loyola. It was officially recognized as a Roman Catholic religious order by Pope Paul III in 1540. Jesuits are famous as educators, and as “father-confessors” to emperors, kings (and their mistresses), queens, princes, princesses, high-ranking military officers, and many of the powerful and wealthy elite of the world. Jesuits are also infamous as seducers of women in the confessional, murderers of kings, makers of sedition, organizers of coup d’états, infiltrators of Protestant denominations, instigators of massacres, and fomenters of wars and revolutions. Numerous books have been written about the Jesuit Order. Some of these books contend that many of the men at the higher levels of the Jesuit Order have been – and are – very evil men! 

            Let us carefully consider the following questions, which I hope to answer in the “conclusions” section of this newsletter: 

  1. Is the Jesuit Order – at its higher levels – the most evil organization that the world has seen over the past 4½+ centuries?
  2. Why has the Jesuit Order been expelled from so many countries, including from many predominantly Roman Catholic countries, during its history?
  3. Are the Jesuit Order and the Jesuit-controlled Roman Catholic Church-State responsible for fomenting many wars and revolutions, such as World War I and World War II?
  4. Is the Jesuit-controlled Roman Catholic Church-State the greatest threat to civil and religious liberty that the world has ever seen?
  5. Have agents of the Jesuit Order been responsible for assassinating numerous heads of State over the centuries?
  6. Does the Jesuit Order, which controls the Roman Catholic Church-State, the Knights of Malta, the highest levels of the Knights of Columbus and of Opus Dei, and the highest levels of Freemasonry, etc., sit at the very top of the New World Order (N.W.O.) “pyramid”?
  7. Does the Jesuit Order, through its control of various secret societies, such as high-level Freemasonry and the Knights of Malta, control the International Intelligence Community?
  8. Does the Jesuit Order, through its control of the wealthy, powerful, and influential Knights of Malta – and other “agents” on the Jesuit payroll – control the International Banking Community?

Surely inquiring minds would like answers to the above questions. Please carefully read and consider the “definitions” found in the next section, and the numerous quotations dealing with the Jesuit Order that are found within this newsletter. 

Important Note: The intention of this TTT issue is to expose many of the evil deeds carried out on the instructions of higher-level members of the Jesuit Order – including the General of the Order – and the resulting harm, mayhem, and death that the Jesuit Order’s actions and operations have brought to many peoples and nations. (The Jesuits have “justified” – or “excused” – these evil deeds with their “maxims” of “the end justifies the means” and “for the greater glory of God”!) The reader should keep in mind that lower-level Jesuits (especially those of the first three degrees) know little to nothing of the evil that goes on at the higher levels of the Jesuit Order. (The same can be said for most Roman Catholics, i.e., they know little to nothing of the evil that goes on at the higher levels of the Jesuit Order – or at the higher levels of the Papacy itself!) Unfortunately, these lower-level Jesuits – due to the blind obedience that they are required to give to all superiors in their order – are merely “tools” in the hands of their superiors; and these lower-level Jesuits often carry out various operations and activities for the sinister intermediate – and long-range – “goals” of the Jesuit Order – goals about which they know little to nothing! 


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