Joe Biden Spills The Beans on The Origins of ISIS (Daesh) In Comments Largely Ignored By American Media

None of this is much of a surprise…

United States Hypocrisy

Joseph Biden Sr. and Turkish President Erdogan American Vice President Joe Biden is known for putting his proverbial foot in his mouth when speaking before audiences, but his most recent address at the JFK Jr. Forum at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University on Thursday contained quite a few candid moments where the V.P. acknowledged a number of things no high-level administration officials have yet been willing to publicly acknowledge. Unfortunately the U.S. corporate media organizations have chosen to focus almost exclusively on his carelessly-worded comments in which he described the office of the Vice Presidency as “a bitch“. Or, if they have covered the more revealing comments, they focused singularly on the subsequent apology Biden issued to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogon for essentially throwing him under the bus, while completely ignoring the substance of what of he was actually saying.

Here is where the Vice President lets his guard a little bit and spoke…

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