Lorna’s Guilty Lawsuit Settlement with SIST

In October the Shawano Leader reported that Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt had finally settled a civil defamation lawsuit against SIST that had been filed sometime back in 2007.  When I contacted SIST’s legal department they had no knowledge of such a settlement.

According to Fox11’s report at the time, Mr. Pignet (Lorna’s attorney) would not confirm if Lorna received any cash from SIST.  “We settled the issues and that’s all I am comfortable saying.”

After recent discussions with the insurance company, who took part in the proceedings, it was said that no cash settlement was made.  Lorna was not paid a penny.  In fact, Lorna is the one who initiated the settlement.  She wanted to get rid of the whole affair, a skeleton to add to the others in her closet.

If Lorna was initially so determined to shut SIST up and demand ‘justice’ for the alleged slander, defamation and emotional distress then why was she so equally determined to shut it down?

It is well known and we see time and time again, that political figures, from the top to the bottom face endless mudslinging and verbal abuses.  Think of the endless comedic relief Bush has offered.  However, as a political figure you are also held to a higher standard than the average citizen.  This means at all times you are expected to maintain a high ethical standard.

Does this include instigating racial and religious tensions within your community?  Causing a business to suffer because of your personal conflict with their religious and/or racial background?

Based on the literature I have seen distributed about Lorna a loud and clear point was being made.  Stop the bias, stop the discrimination, and stop the intentional financial and business oppression.   Those are simple requests that should be obvious to anyone who claims to be an honest, decent person.


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