Incessant Meter Changes at SIST Properties

On Thursday, WE Energies notified an SIST subsidiary that one of their properties was in need of a gas meter change, AGAIN.  I say “again” because the business of meter changing at SIST properties seems to be never-ending.  Every month or two there is another call from  one of the two local utility companies, WE Energies (Gas) or Shawano Municipal Utilities (SMU, Electric) that another meter needs to be changed.  It was said that some properties have had their meters changed several times in one year.

What is the purpose of this constant changing of meters?

First, you may need a little background.  Relations between SIST and the local officials are courteous at best.  The SIST organization has been accused of everything from running a cultic religious group to taking advantage of the ‘Italian’ connections of scumbag scam artist Bob Cameron.  Cameron is a Canadian business owner who was supposed to be working with an SIST subsidiary on a business deal.

In reality, SIST has no religious affiliations and the hit list scandal involving SIST subsidiary and Cameron was in actuality a farce constructed amongst local officials and their leader Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt.  Marquardt, Cameron, and other city officials developed a devious plot to rob SIST of $175,000.00 with everyone involved in their scheme receiving a pay-off for participation.

What does this have to do with meter changes?

It provides you with an understanding that there is no limit to which Shawano officials and their leader Lorna Marquardt will go to, to create unnecessary and destructive financial burdens upon SIST and their businesses.

By changing meters endlessly they can manipulate utility readings and change rates on a service that is vital to a business’s survival.  If you do not pay according to the utility companies wishes you are not provided service, simple as that.  SIST has had plenty of experience in this area.  In the past, SMU has juggled accounts, rotated balances and extorted security deposits.  If one property owed, they would move the balance to another bill or throw out ultimatums, if one property wasn’t paid, all would be disconnected.

This is simple oppression at its best.  What can the City do under color of law to appear as law-abiding authorities yet push SIST out?  Using these simple tactics, the “authorities” like Lorna Marquardt use the media and other connections to subtly destroy SIST’s reputation, image, and business success.

Has it worked?

On one hand Lorna Marquardt has been successful.  Through her devious machinations she has created financial difficulties for SIST, which has also attributed to a slew of well-publicized property loss reports, no thanks to the Shawano Leader, who always seems well informed of SIST activities but forgets to report the rest of the world’s news.

However, SIST has not been discouraged.  Thanks to Lorna Marquardt, SIST can clearly see where the local officials’ priorities lie – with injustice, persecution and discrimination to all who think outside the box.


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