Planned Parenthood – A Profitable Vatican Enterprise

Planned Parenthood is in the middle of a major scandal.

In a conversation dated July 25, 2014, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, senior director of medical services at Planned Parenthood, met with investigators from the Center for Medical Progress posing as buyers from a human biologics company. The undercover investigation, conducted by the Center for Medical Progress, shows a video (shown above) in which Dr. Nucatola, in her own words, states that Planned Parenthood does sell intact fetal body parts for profit. The full transcript can be read here.

Planned Parenthood sells various baby parts, from liver to hearts to muscle tissue, for a multitude of purposes. The going price? Between $30 to $100 “per specimen.”

While casually sipping wine and enjoying a fresh salad, Dr. Nucatola also can be heard discussing in detail the methods used to obtain these organs so they can be sold for profit…

(Church Militant)

However, what is even more interesting about this story is the money behind it.

Cordaid is a development and aid agency, also a Catholic organization and affiliate of the Vatican-run Caritas Internationalis.  Calling itself “one of the largest development aid organizations in the Netherlands,” Cordaid is a co-founder of Caritas Internationalis. Run by the Vatican, Caritas Internationalis is a confederation of 165 Catholic relief, development and social service organizations operating in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Its current president is Cardinal Luis Tagle.  According to Caritas Internationalis, Cordaid is the local Caritas affiliate for the Netherlands, and the name Cordaid stands for “Catholic Organisation for Relief & Development Aid.”

Cordaid said, “Its aim is to provide a better future for young generations, reduce childbirth mortality among women through more effective family planning and alleviate poverty among families.” According to a spokesman for Cordaid, “There is a clear need for sex education and contraception in the African Great Lakes region.” Cordaid claims to have launched the program because “the availability of more contraceptives could reduce the amount of unwanted pregnancies in developing countries by up to 71 percent.”

According to Cordaid’s project page on sex-education in the Philippines, Cordaid provided €220,491 to a Planned Parenthood affiliate to implement sex-education programs for adolescents.  The screen capture below shows the budget for the “implementing partner,” which was Family Planning Organization of the Philippines. And for the record, this link to FPOP’s website shows that it is indeed an affiliate of IPPF.

In Sierra Leone, in 2011, Cordaid established a relationship with Planned Parenthood of Sierra Leone (PPA-SL), and in 2012 partnered with PPA-SL on a teen-pregnancy reduction project.

Under the Project Plan on Cordaid’s webpage, it clearly stated that Cordaid actually funded Planned Parenthood:

In 2011, Cordaid funded the organization the Planned Parenthood Association of Sierra Leone (PPA-SL) in a small programme designed to address the problems around teenage pregnancies in six communities in the Western Area of Sierra Leone (Goderich, Lumley, Juba, Grafton, Hastings and Rokel). The current project is designed to utilize the lessons learned and to scale up the initiative.

This partnership was not an isolated incident. Cordaid again funded PPA-SL in 2014.

Planned Parenthood isn’t the only abortion-providing institution being funded by Cordaid, either.  In 2013, Cordaid funded an affiliate of Marie Stopes International called Banja la Mtsogolo with over half-a-million Euros.  According to the Project Plan, Cordaid funded this affiliate of Marie Stopes International for the complete provision of all forms of birth control, including sterilization.

So, here we have it.  More proof that the Vatican is very good at doing business, hiding under the guise of “religious” work.  What other reason would an institution that decries the act of abortion and birth control out of alleged righteous indignation have?

[Sources: CORDAID Funds Planned Parenthood and Dispenses ContraceptionPlanned Parenthood Caught Selling Organs From Abortions]


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