Discrimination in Shawano, WI Continues

In 2004, Midwest Hotels and Motels of Shawano, LLC, a subsidiary of SIST acquired a hotel in Shawano, Wisconsin.


In dire straits, the owner of the AmericInn Hotel in Shawano called SIST asking them if they were interested in purchasing the hotel.  In essence, SIST was bailing them out from their financial difficulties.  Before the papers transferring ownership were even signed SIST was already supplying financial assistance to the owner to perform necessary repairs to the hotel.

Many properties acquired by SIST were done in this manner because SIST trusted and believed in the innate goodness of people.  People would make offers and SIST would pay the asking price, in many cases rescuing people from serious financial trouble.

However, after several years it became clear these feelings were not reciprocated.  SIST’s generous attitude was being taken advantage of.  In particular, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt was going out of her way to harm and destroy SIST’s financial security.  SIST has said that sources informed them of the backdoor dealings; calls made to lenders discouraging relations with SIST, threats made to people associating with SIST, media smear campaigns, boycotting SIST businesses and the list goes on and on.

Now the country is wavering with economic instability and small businesses suffer.

The AmericInn franchise is considered a mid-range hotel. To maintain a franchise you have to pay so much money for services provided by the franchise and meet their demands for upgrades, etc.  AmericInn franchisee owners across the country have turned to other branding solutions because of the highly unreasonable financial burden that AmericInn corporate is placing upon them; the Shawano AmericInn as one of them.

Now that the hotel is no longer under AmericInn franchise demands several decisions need to be made.  First, all AmericInn brand identifiers need to be removed.  What better place to start than with your sign!

Here is where we go from day to day business into the murky realm of discrimination and bias.

Brian Bunke, the new City of Shawano Building Inspector went to the hotel today and talked with the general manager.  Bunke introduced himself and said he was just starting, that he was replacing Mike Miller as Building Inspector.  Bunke told the manager that “someone” had called Lorna and complained that we have a blue tarp covering the sign.  Bunke started asking questions about what is going to happen and when is the tarp going to come off?  Bunke said “the mayor sent me to investigate.”

The general manager told Bunke that the hotel was switching franchises and the new signage wasn’t in place yet.  The manager asked Bunke, “When the Settle Inn switched franchises to Quality Inn, did the city get complaints because their sign was covered up?  In fact, one of their signs is still covered up.”  Bunke said that that is different because it was black plastic.

It must be different like…


Settle Inn Sign Covered – Shawano, WI

AmericInn Sign Covered

AmericInn Sign Covered – Shawano, WI

Settle Inn – Black plastic to AmericInn – Blue plastic (Show the ordinance for this Lorna)


No parking signs were only important while SIST owned the track.

Vehicles lining Cty Rd BE at USAIR event in Shawano, WI

USA International Raceway – No Parking to Receivership, New Owners – Yes, Park Here!


City Police Officer Ryan Atkinson

Kiryat Hotel Liquor License – random rude inspections, business interference, and excessive taxes to Tony Zielinski (new owner) – eyes-wide-shut inspections, reduced taxes, no payments necessary.

However, many “violations” Lorna can manufacture for SIST and their subsidiaries, SIST can provide an even longer list of violations around the city that never have been addressed.  These same issues have been continuously brought to the attention of city officials and just as liberally disregarded.


Because it is not important when the issues involve Lorna’s cronies; people like, Tony Zielinksi, Doug Knope, and SMU.  These same people and entities own prominent buildings around town whose disrepair is a shame and disgrace.  Lorna brags about the quality of life and the image of Shawano but not once has she seen fit to clean up her own house.


One response to “Discrimination in Shawano, WI Continues

  1. The City of Shawano owns a building on East Green Bay St. and North Sawyer St. the former Ford car dealership. The outside of the building is covered in mold and the stucco is falling off causing the city to place orange cones in front of the building on the sidewalk. Multiple leaded glass squares across the front of the building were broken causing a major safety issue they are now plastered over adding to the total state of disrepair. Maybe Bunke should look at the city buildings before he worries about blue tarps. You might have to post a picture of that building just in case he can not see or find it. Sounds like Lorna has a new go-fer.

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