Unreal! The Medical Kidnapping of Cassandra Callender

Look at all the FREEDOM we have here in the oh so great US of A… This is utter BS! There is absolutely NO REASON to FORCE a person to attain medical treatment against their will!!!! She and her family were fully cognizant of their decisions. So, where do we turn? WHO do you trust anymore?!!! Our system is becoming more and more like Germany every day. Our choices, thoughts and speech are being obstructed and violated. This is WRONG!! Our government has NO RIGHT to police other countries when they DARE to VIOLATE THE CIVIL LIBERTIES AND FREEDOMS OF THEIR OWN CITIZENS!!!!!! WHEN WILL WE STOP IT?!! WHEN?!!!


Imagine your 17 year old daughter gets the diagnosis of cancer. You both do research on treatment options and see that chemotherapy is toxic with potentially long standing, irreversible consequences: damage to the reproductive organs, bladder, heart,  lungs, nervous system, kidneys, and more. You and your daughter decide not to do it and choose to take a different route; one that is safer and is non-toxic.

Much to your shock, while you are out shopping, your daughter is home and the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) shows up at your door (with 12 police cars no less, to kidnap your daughter and force her to do chemotherapy against her will and your wishes.)

What would you do?

Finally, revealed in The Truth About Cancer’s exclusive interview is the true story about Cassandra Callender (aka “Cassandra C.”) and her real life medical kidnapping and how she was forced to do chemotherapy against her will.

This is the first video interview that Cassandra has given, and The Truth About Cancer is honored to be able to share this exclusive interview with you.


Click HERE to read the rest of the article from The Truth About Cancer website.

If you want to help Cassandra financially, she certainly would appreciate your support. Here is a link to her GoFundMe page.


One response to “Unreal! The Medical Kidnapping of Cassandra Callender

  1. How many other cases even in Wisconsin where children have been taken away and forced to take poison to cure a disease. This is total abuse of power and freedom. We think we have freedom think again.
    Our legislators in Washington DC recently signed a new law. Monsantos GMO foods can be labeled natural. Now everyone can eat poison.

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