Charter Kills Service at Odisha House of Rest for Alleged “Noise” Claim

On the evening of August 15, 2016, drama was unfolding at the Odisha House of Rest, a hotel in Shawano, Wisconsin. For some strange reason, a man claiming to be a Charter service technician stormed in, and informed the manager that they were disconnecting the phone, internet, and TV service immediately. He said that TV service would be restored in fifteen minutes, but that never happened. This man had no identification, or business card proving that he indeed was a Charter technician. The man, who identified himself as Chad, said that the property was creating “noise” that was interfering with the whole Charter network. Chad said he had to disconnect service to the hotel so everyone else in the area wouldn’t lose theirs.

Chad said that the hotel would receive a phone call from Charter that the service was disconnected. Interesting, how were they going to call the hotel if there was no service? When Charter was contacted, the representatives would say that the calls were being escalated to the top of the list and they would get someone out there by morning. However, nothing happened until the hotel manager called Charter at 1 PM and was told technicians would be coming around 6 or 7 PM. After 24 hours of no service, several technicians finally showed up at 6 PM on August 16, 2016, and within 45 minutes the problem was resolved. It turned out that the problem had nothing to do with the property, but was a separate Charter issue. The technicians simply replaced a fitting on a pole by the road. Odisha House of Rest had been without service for 24 hours for no reason.

Odisha House has had Charter for service since 2011 and there has never been an issue with the telephone, internet, or cable service.  For the past two years this hotel has had very little business. However, a couple of months ago, the rates were dropped to $29.99 a night. After this price reduction, business has skyrocketed and the hotel has been sold out for several weekends in a row. How ironic for the service to be interrupted after room prices were dropped and the hotel has been full the past several weekends.  What happened all of the sudden? Who was causing this “noise”?

It seems no coincidence that since Odisha House has offered economical rates that there seems to be a rise in business interference tactics.  Potential guests have come in and said other businesses in town claim the hotel is owned by ISIS, Iranians, a cult and any other number of false discriminatory allegations.

Odisha House of Rest is affiliated with SIST, a company with an Indian president that has been the victim of countless acts of business interference, obstruction, and sabotage perpetrated by ex-Mayor Lorna Marquardt and continued under the new Mayor at Lorna’s counsel. In fact, maybe Lorna can solve the mystery of this so-called “noise” issue. Might she have had anything to do with it? Given her history, it is entirely possible.


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