Pope Compares Trump to Hitler

Pope Francis warned against populist leaders, saying that Germany came to elect one in 1933, and ended up with Adolf Hitler as its dictator.

“Crises provoke fear, alarm. In my opinion, the most common example of European populism is Germany in 1933… A people that was immersed in a crisis, that looked for its identity until this charismatic leader came and promised to give their identity back, and he gave them a distorted identity, and we all know what happened,” he said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

“Hitler did not steal power,” the Pope said. “He was elected by his people and then he destroyed his people.”

Germany DID NOT elect Hitler.  When Catholic monarchist Franz von Papen lost control of the chancellorship, he proposed a merger with Hitler to create the Nazi-Nationalist Coalition.  After on-again-off-again popularity and several years of struggle, on 30 January 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of a coalition government of the NSDAP-DNVP Party.  “Appointed” NOT elected as Pope Francis indicates.  Hitler’s climb to power was essentially a well played chess game of maneuvers, intrigue and death.  From there he demanded absolute power and thus began his reign of terror.

[WIKIRise to power]

“In times of crisis, we lack judgment, and that is a constant reference for me… That is why I always try to say: talk among yourselves, talk to one another,” he added.

Pope Francis was talking to the newspaper as Donald Trump was sworn it as the new US president in Washington, DC. Some critics say Trump has authoritarian leanings.

Pope Francis doesn’t give judgments about people and politicians. At least, this is what he answered when he was asked about the United States’ President-elect Donald Trump.

“I do not give judgments on people or politicians, I simply want to understand what are the sufferings that their approach causes to the poor and the excluded,” Francis told Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari.

[Source: Crux]

Guess he forgot this part….

The Pope said he would not jump to conclusions on Trump, and will observe his actions before passing judgment.

“We will see how he acts, what he does, and then I will have an opinion. But being afraid or rejoicing beforehand because of something that might happen is, in my view, quite unwise. It would be like prophets predicting calamities,” he said.

The pope said he didn’t not participate or interfere in US politics.  So why is he running commentary on Trump?  Is the pope claiming he has prophetic abilities?

The Catholic leader also discussed the state of the Church, a possible visit to China, and the changes he has undergone since becoming pope.

Concerns over the rise of populism have been increasingly loud in the West, especially in Europe, where previously marginal parties have been gaining popularity amid economic problems and the migrant crisis. Some political observers say the term ‘populist’ is often used to brand counter-establishment political forces as irrelevant and dangerous.

The pope and priests were the advisers, confidantes and supporters of Hitler.  They are the ancestors and fathers of Hitler.

Related imageHitler and Catholic Papel Nuncio Archbishop Orsenigo

Related imageHitler greets Müller the “Bishop of the Reich”

The Vatican has a bloody history of supporting the barbaric actions of dictators and war.

  • Pagans slaughtered
  • Convert or die
  • Crusades
  • Heretics
  • Witch Burning
  • Inquisition
  • 30 Years War
  • Jews
  • Holocaust
  • Native Americans
  • Croatia
  • Vietnam
  • Rwanda
  • the list is endless….

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit to hold papal office.  If you don’t understand what that means just take some time to read the Jesuit Oath.  This man has nothing to say.


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