Pope says it is “Not Christian” to build border walls and expect Mexico to pay

Pope “Poop” Francis is once again putting his Jesuit nose in where it does not belong.

Why don’t we turn this around and pose a few questions to the “Poop” about how “christian” his and the Vatican’s actions and values really are:

Is it the “christian” thing to do, to plan the assassination of the American President?

Is it the “christian” thing to do, to support drug trafficking from Mexico to the US?  It is not as if the “Poop” cares for Mexico.  It is because the Poop must protect his drug business, after all the drugs are a convenient bankroll to fill the coffers of the Vatican.

Is it the “christian” thing to do, to rape and molest children?

Is it the “christian” thing to do, to sell and traffic babies, children, and/or their body parts?

Is it the “christian” thing to do, to hide, cover up, and support pedophile priests?

Is it the “christian” thing to do, to rob our country, to not pay taxes?  And expect the rest of us to foot the bill, since you say, “it is not “christian” to ask someone else to pay.  Also, doesn’t your dirty book say, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to G-d the things that are G-d’s”?  So why don’t you pay your taxes?

Religious men should be sitting in silence counting beads rather than getting involved in all these things.

It has been said the “Poop” is organizing  “37 highly trained “sniper hit teams” to assassinate President Trump, but if failing to accomplish this “main/central” objective, to then unleash a mass killing spree of leftist protestors to blame on him.”

It is also said that the Vatican minion, George Soros, has already paid over $500 million to smuggle in these sniper teams to the “sanctuary cities”, hiding them so President Trump cannot find them.  These teams are said to number in the hundreds.

So, this is the “christian” thing to do?

And Sir “Poop” when you refer to walls, do you not see yours every morning you look out of your window.  Your wall is so high, what are you keeping out?  Or is it what you are trying to keep in that matters?

Have people forgotten, the hundreds of years of bloodshed at the hands of the Vatican? We must remember the Inquisition and Crusades, where the banner flown was Convert or Die.  Millions of people’s blood has drained into the soil at the behest of the Vatican, the Poop and his minions, those evil, vicious men, known as Inquisitors.  The innocent were tortured in the most vicious manner, under the cruelest devices ever created by man.  Yet these are holy men?  These “holy men” whose devious minds manufactured these tortures?

And this was the “christian” thing to do?

You and your predecessors have been stealing and robbing the world’s nations and cultures of their antiquities for centuries; burying them miles beneath the Vatican’s foundation.  Is this not a violation of one of your treasured commandments?  THOU SHALT NOT STEAL.  Or is that too “Old” for you to apply?

It seems that for the Vatican, there are no laws, no regulations, no consequences and no fear of divine retribution.  They are but a law unto themselves, conveniently naming themselves as infallible and divinely ordained, Christ’s vicar on earth.

Let us remind the “Poop” that here in America, we have this law called SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.  America would appreciate you and your filthy minions keeping your bloody, dirty hands out of our politics, off of our children, and away from our pocketbooks.

We do not exist to bow down and serve your interests.  Like JFK, WE THE PEOPLE will not kiss your ring nor bend to your servitude.  The Vatican’s Reign of Terror will be exposed and you will be taken down!

Our Founding Father’s warned of the Vatican’s evil schemes and manipulation hundreds of years ago.  It is time the people woke up, paid attention, resisted, and took America back.

As Trump says, “Let’s Make America Great Again”!


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