Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Somewhere sometime Donald you need to reveal to the American people that an outside force is tampering with our country. People are waiting for you to say this. This is the same outside for that was tampering with the country during the world wars. It is the vatican.

You will become the Gandhi of USA if reveal this. What you need to do, instead of spending trillions of dollars on war and billions on the welfare of illegal immigrants, we need to concentrate and take care of our own people the old folks. Increase social security so they can live a comfortable American lifestyle.

There are a lot of people that are behind bars because of the IRS. You need to throw away the IRS dictatorship and let people be released from the jail. You then need to set up new rules for IRS. There is no such law anyway but they are doing what they want to the veterans and the elderly.

Don’t give the churches tax free and their trillion dollar businesses. Instead of pumping billions of dollars to the Vatican, concentrate on the veterans and the old people. They should be given free medical care. They should be tax exempt. All the people that are imprisoned because of the IRS and tax fraud should be released.

This has been nothing but a another weapon the system used against people. Set up another tax law that is a lot simpler to abide by…you know there isn’t a tax law anyway now, it is just used against people.

You need to tell people you are going to work with Russia and China to avoid any nuclear conflict. If there is a nuclear war, everyone dies. Your job is to bring safety to the American people. All of these people that are so ready to fight with Russia and China should be the first to go to battle.

Second, the Vatican has for a long time been in the drug business in the US, it is time to clamp down. We heard that 20 tons of cocaine were smuggled through the Puerto Rico airport. They use catholic church employees, the TSA, and through this power, women and children even transport drugs to this country.

The last thing, is to bring justice back to this country. The American people should be proud of the justice in this country. Prejudice and discrimination are constant problems in this country, in particular in Minnesota and Wisconsin where McCarthyism still reigns supreme.


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